Police officers see the absolute worst of society they see the terrible crashes, crimes committed and disasters. When catastrophe hits, they don’t get to run away from the danger, they end up running right toward it to protect others. They don’t work a regular shift like much of working America oftentimes their shift doesn’t end until crises cease. They get called into work at all hours, and they cannot ignore the call because the community cannot go without protection. Even when they aren’t on duty, police officers are always some of the first to respond to emergencies when they are simply going about their daily lives. While other Americans spend the holidays with their families, our men and women in uniform don’t always get to take the day off. They say goodbye to their families each day like everyone else, except they don’t know for sure if they will make it home. Some of these men and women end up giving their lives protecting their communities from harm, giving the ultimate sacrifice to the profession of law enforcement. These sacrifices often go ignored and under appreciated. Law enforcement and first responders are truly some of the most honorable members of society. Their dedication to serve their communities regardless of the cost is one of the most admirable actions that one could take. They bravely serve their communities day after day, often without receiving any form of a thank-you. On DAY ONE as County Legislator I will do everything in my power to support the police because they sacrifice themselves for all of us every single day.