Meet Jim

I am a lifelong resident of Elmira and Chemung County. My family has lived in the Town of Elmira since 1974. I am a graduate of Corning Community College, Elmira College and the United States Sports Academy. I was a manufacturer’s representative in private industry for twenty years and then taught history and economics at Southside High School for 21 years. At Southside High School I coached JV & Varsity baseball and was the athletic manager for all sports. I have coached youth baseball, soccer and football in the Town of Elmira.

I am running on the Republican ticket for Chemung County Legislator to represent the 7th District.

My goal should I be elected is to honestly represent the people of the Town of Elmira, Chemung County and the City of Elmira. We live in a unique and once extremely vibrant area, although I realize we cannot recreate the past, we certainly can create an atmosphere of pride that makes people want to come and visit and for young people to want to stay here.

I want to take the politics out of politics and make our local governments’ work for the benefit of all the residents of Chemung County.. Party affiliation should never stand in the way of doing what is right and what will benefit everyone.